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Russian Sales Week 2016 in Moscow

Nov 17, 2016. Russian Sales Week – an extremely popular event of sales management and CRM implementation and customer service for business community - took place in Moscow 9-12 of November. Company Prime Time Forums hold the event for the 4th year running. Every time the level of the event is growing, there were 1538 visitors this year. Online broadcast was held as well, and 754 persons took part in it.

Russian Sales Week 2016 in figures:

  • 350 media partners;
  • 1538 participants – businessmen and professionals from more than 20 countries;
  • 3 days non-stop online broadcasting from 2 halls of the event;
  • 50 leading international business coaches;
  • More than 50 hot-button topics in sales, which speakers discussed and replied the most touchy questions;
  • 19 photographers and videographers worked on the venue.

50 internationally recognized top-speakers were invited for the best possible immersion into the subject: Vladimir Marinivich (GetTaxi, business school «Up»), Alexey Voronin (Business Environment),  Sergey Azimov (leading trainer sales and negotiations trainer), Mikhail Smolyanov (MegaPlan), Alexey Manikhin (the founder of Prime Time Forums), Boris Dyaykonov (Bank «Tochka»), Vladimir Gerasichev (Business Relations), Alexandr Visotsky (Visotsky Consultion Int), Daniel Partner (InetPartners Group), Bary Alibasov jun. (Bary Alibasov’s Business studio), Iliya Balahnin (Paper Planes), Andrey Levchenko (entrepreneur, business trainer), Anton Almazov (1S-Architector of business), Dmitry Potapenko (Management Development Group Inc.), Vadim Dozortsev (Berner & Stafford), Fedor Nesterov (Fast Management), Konstantin Borisov (Support Partners), Mikhail Grafskyi (Clientbridge) and others told about strategies and tactics in sales, about technologies used for getting big contracts and how to sell for TOPs.

Russian Sales Week 2016 was held with the support of  more than 350 media partners, among which are: information agency «TASS», information agency «Interfax», «Arguments I Facts», kudago.com, geometria.ru, radio 101.ru, internet project cfin.ru, web-portal gismeteo.ru, «Company» magazine, 2GIS, Rabota.ru, publishing houses «Albina Publisher», «Piter», «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber», «Gastronom», dealership  Toyota-Yaroslavl, flamp.ru, Novaya Gazeta, adme.ru, superjob.ru, «Profi Travel» magazine, the partner of VIP-day - borodino-hotel.com and others.

Delegates share their emotions and pictures in social networks with hashtag  ‪#‎rsweek2016. The participants agreed that Russian Sales Week 2016 became the main business event of the autumn for serious players in the market.

Anastasiya Minaeva (ouchminaeva): «I am under the impression of first day of Russian Sales Week. Perfect selections of speakers. One day in the same breath! I can hardly wait for the continuous  #rsw2016 #российскаянеделяпродаж #rsweek2016»

Alexandr Nakagava (nakagawa_best): «Russian Sales Week is a high-profile event in business world. What surprised me most is that the whole day there was talk not about sales at all. A far more profound personal goals and values of people were considered. And that was cool»

Irina Vahrusheva «Кто сегодня, где? I am on Russian Sales Week! It was interesting and sometimes it was funny) And presidents are meeting on great events like this! That is cool! It is nice to learn with such a good company!»

Evgeny Kushnir, Marketing and advertising agency «99FRANKOV»: «RSW is finished. And now, sitting in the airport, my mind keeps on digest all that capacity of information. There are so many things which I looking forward to doing! #primetimeforums well done, thanks for doing such a great events! More than 50 speakers, best trainers and what is the most important, practical experts – it is no laughing matter – it is a powerful tool, which helps forward companies from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. See you on #российскийфоруммаркетинга2016»